Are you aware of the different roles your Teamlead has to perform during change?

Are you aware of the different roles your Teamlead has to perform during change?

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After summer team2lead-meeting (coronaproof)

After lockdown and still working from home, it was a relief and great pleasure to have a nice day together with the colleagues sharing information and insights and having fun! As manager/leader and coach the connection with people give us a lot of energy. Working from distance has some drawbacks, hopefully, we can go back onsite asap and work on the dynamics a good team needs.

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Do you know the " manager- leader-coach" profile of your team leads?

Do your know the " manager- leader-coach" profile of your team leads?

7 juli 2020

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Enkele tips/ervaringen bij leiding geven van teams op afstand

enkele tips/ervaring bij leiding geven van teams op afstand

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After lockdown, back " on-site"!

Our team leads learned a lot during the lockdown about extra dimensions to manage a team in a remote way. Now it's time to go back on-site aligned with some corona rules. We all missed the informal moments and the 121 face to face. videocall or call is a meaningful tool but can't replace some more delicate F2F discussions. # it's all about people # leadership # dream teams

10 juni 2020

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team meeting : Non violent and appreciative communication

team2lead invests constantly in the development of her people. During our team meeting, we invited an expert who gave us a refresh and a focus on the importance of nonviolent and appreciative communication. Peter Verbauwen gave us a workshop in an inspirational way. We'll definitely use his methodology, tips, and tricks. Thanks, Peter for being our expert-guest!

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International women's day!

Gender equality means an equal visibility, empowerment, responsibility and participation of women and men in all spheres of public and private life. It also means an equal access to and distribution of resources between women and men and valuing them equally. Gender equality aims to change the structures in society, which contribute to maintaining unequal power relationships between women and men. Achieving this aim is central to the protection of human rights, the functioning of democracy, respect for the rule of law, and economic growth and competitiveness. We are as an individual and organization responsible for our behavior and discrimination for whatever reason should not have a chance in the 21st century! It's all about people!

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teammeeting "team2lead"

having fun together, sharing cases/practices & insights

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First Belgian quality charter

Wat betekent kwaliteit binnen een klantservice omgeving? " customer contact "heeft ervaringen en inzichten gebundeld in een charter. team2lead heeft dit mede gesteund. Een charter hebben is 1 ding, hoe je dit in de praktijk gebruikt als middel om je klantervaring te verhogen is een expertise op zich . team2lead kan je hierbij ondersteunen.

3 februari 2020

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Ontwikkeling van onze medewerkers en groeien is een leuke constante :)!

Ken jij je manager- leider- coach profiel? hierbij maken we gebruik van oa een tool nl disc.Het DISC model brengt voorkeursgedrag en -communicatie in kaart. Hiermee kun je je eigen voorkeuren in verschillende omgevingen in beeld brengen en ook die van anderen. Hierdoor begrijp je (beter) wat jezelf en anderen motiveert en waarom jij en anderen bepaalde keuzes maken en voorkeuren hebben. DISC bevordert open communicatie, versterkt relaties en vergroot persoonlijke effectiviteit!

12 december 2019

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Merry Xmas and happy 2020

Merry Xmas and happy 2020!

16 december 2019

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Xmas dinner

Xmas dinner with our great team: - time to spent amazing moments together - time to reflect about 2019 and looking forward to 2020 Proud of what we achieved :our consultants are doing a job they love and our customers give us great feedback!

11 december 2019

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team2lead is hiring!

Are you "THE" freelance who is passionate about HR admin & invoicing and available 1or2 days/week? Do you feel comfortable in a warm organization of professionals? 2 times "YES"?----> We plan some time with you to inform you and know each other. Feel free to contact us -mail: or -mobile 0479137027

9 december 2019

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Sandrine, consultant teamlead, tells her story about how we live our values.


2 december 2019

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"get-2-gether" at team2lead

get-2-gether at team2lead"= sharing practices, being connected and having FUN.

29 oktober 2019

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Kim, teamlead consultant team2lead, tells you why she is so PROUD!

It's all about people: how can you practice it in a very changing environment and high expectations on results? Our consultant Kim explains what drives her every day with a big smile .

25 oktober 2019

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New project starts with cake!

3 oktober 2019

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Rebranding cars

17 oktober 2019

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22 september 2019

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Celebration of our new logo, name and website

23 september 2019

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Nieuws vanuit ( NL)

18 september 2019

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Counting down!

16 september 2019

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